Our faith made manifest our destiny,
the West a Christian path to Liberty.
A war of dominance with Mexico,
our spirit showcased at the Alamo.


The thirty years before the Civil War were fraught
with tension, energy, and growth, as people fought
about their rights to slaves and the expanding west.
To most, our country’s destiny was manifest.
An “Empire,” Jefferson had said, “of Liberty”
awaited us. Amidst the national esprit
occurred religion’s second “Great Awakening,”
which made more clear our Godly destiny, to bring
the Faith to western Indians. And Mister Polk,
the President, was clearly eager to evoke
a spirit of expansionism, Oregon
and Texas as the major targets; whereupon
he took on Mexico, which claimed to still possess
the Texas territory. Trying to assess
the right and wrong is difficult, for Mexico
was also seeking empire. At the Alamo
the wily Santa Anna fought the “renegades
for freedom” – Bowie, Travis, Crockett. Accolades
recall their memory, although the slavery
dissension kept the Texans from the luxury
of statehood. So the volunteers from Tennessee
and other southern states arose with certainty
of victory, “Old Rough and Ready” at their side
(Zach Taylor). Soon America was far and wide
a vibrant land of purple mountain majesty
and farms and plains and cities, sea to shining sea,
with Texas, California, and New Mexico
and Oregon reflecting our expansive glow.

Mexican War 1840s

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